5 Things that are More Important than your Product

As a creative business owner, your world likely revolves around your craft. It is the center of your business, your passion and naturally the focus of your time and energy. But, successful craft businesses have learned there are some things that deserve just as much attention in order to grow your business.

No. 1 – Presentation & Packaging

The trend for designing beautifully handcrafted packaging that is just as deeply detailed as the artisan goods you are selling has grown with the popularity of sites like Etsy.com. Branding and marketing professionals in all areas of business have learned that consumers eyes are drawn to what is aesthetically pleasing. And, even if your goods are not competing on a shelf with twelve other brands, consumers like to see a total package that is cohesive.

No. 2 – Diversify your Products and Services

I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Nothing is truer than this statement in building a successful business. As an artist, you likely started out with one product that sold well. But, the longevity of that one product is likely short. Trends come and go, it is important to have multiple products or services to generate income to carry your business through these changes.

No. 3 – Stay on Trend

Just as important as offering a diverse line of products and services, is staying up to date with current trends that impact your business. As crafters it can be hard to know what trends to watch. If you make candles, you might follow trends on green living, home d├ęcor or homemaking to gain inspiration for what direction to take when making candles.

No. 4 – Marketing your Products

As crafters, our self-pride is attached to the products that we make. Our love for our own products acts like a set of blinders that keep us from seeing the whole picture when we go out and try to sell our lovelies. So many crafters are easily discouraged by a lack of interest in their goods. The hard truth is that the idea ‘if you build it, they will come’ does not work here. Your creations are lovely and amazing, the only reason no one is buying them is because they can’t find them.

Marketing for your craft business can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Social media marketing often has the highest return on investment for small businesses so it is a natural place to start.

No. 5 – Accounting, Properly Handling your Finances

From choosing an appropriate business structure to filing your taxes, taking care of the business end of your endeavor is necessary and important. The IRS can sink your business venture if you don’t play by the rules. Heavy fines can be levied against you or your business. Small businesses struggle and fail every single day. Make no mistake that if you are selling your wares – you are a business and the rules apply to YOU.

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