5 Ways to Connect with your Target Audience

One of the craziest truths that you will hear about marketing your products is that MOST business owners trying to peddle their crafts know little to nothing about their target audience. This is crazy pants to me because it is basically common knowledge in sales and marketing that content, ads, and even product development are driven by the needs and wants of the TARGET AUDIENCE.

5 easy ways to find and connect with your target audience to boost your sales.

For some reason crafters peddling their wares truly believe that customers will come simply because they created beautiful things. As a group, we feel personally attacked when someone doesn’t like our creations. I am here to tell whoever needs to hear it – STOP IT! If you have a craft hobby – cool. If you have a craft business, stop treating it like a hobby and start treating it like a business and figure out how to find your target customer and market to them.

How to Identify your Target Audience

What problem are you solving? As a creator, this can be a difficult question to answer. Most handmade wares are collected as accessories, decor or simply because they are beautiful. These are hardly needs that you are fulfilling so it can be difficult to think in terms of solving a problem.

Kraze4Paper has a successful Etsy shop selling personalized bookmarks made from twisted wire art. These are so freaking adorable they make an easy impulse purchase. On the surface it can be hard see what problem is being solved by this product. But, if you need to find the perfect gift for your sister-in-law who loves to read, and you cannot bare the thought of gifting her another Amazon gift card…Kraze4Paper offers the perfect solution to your problem.

First, identify the problem your product will solve (need). Then, identify who has that need (target customer). Once you know who your target audience is…find out where they are and connect with them.

Engage your Target Audience in Facebook Groups

Find out where your people hang and join similar groups on Facebook. Be a courteous group member, follow the rules and avoid self-promotion and the group will be happy to answer any question you ask them.

Facebook groups are my favorite, unobtrusive and free way to connect with my target audience. Pay attention to what questions are posted in the group. These are are the problems that need solutions – or what you should be modeling your products for.

Gather a No-Fuss Focus Group on Skype

The ideal size for a focus group is 5-8 participants. With a small group and access to technology like Skype which means that you do not need a physical space, a focus group can be conducted with minimal cost.

If you pay each participant $30 for one hour of their time to participate in a focus group via Skype, your cost is only $150 to literally pick the brains of your target audience. No money? No problem…offer exclusive access to premium content.

Read the Reviews on Similar Products

Reviews can be golden for hearing the unprovoked opinions of real customers on similar products. Reviews are also chalk-full of pros and cons and suggestions for improvement. Maybe the problem your product solves is just to improve on a similar product and provide all of the wishlist items found in the product reviews.

Post a Quick Poll Question on Social Media

Don’t have a big following on social media? No problem. Partner with someone who does. All it takes is one yes. Start making connections with bloggers and Instagram influencers, or just someone with a bigger following than yours. Then, just simply ask if they will make a single poll post to help you out. You might not get many responses, but it only takes ONE yes. And, bonus if you get more.

Listen to Your Audience

I was listening to a podcast by Patt Flynn on my way home the other day and he made the most simple statement that sparked a true a-ha moment for me. He said that whenever he is asked a question 3 times, he makes a product to answer that question. It seems so obviously simple. Instead of obsessing over trying to figure out what will sell and what will make money. Just listen to your audience and give them exactly what they are asking for.

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