10 Tips for Choosing a Craft Business Name

Choosing a great craft business name can be a big stumbling block for some. Coupled with the fear of failure, it can literally be the thing that stops a creator for pursuing a craft business at all.

Choose something Unique. Susan’s Woodworking might be an ok name if your name is Susan and you just don’t want to put any effort into choosing a name. But, something more unique – even if it is simple like The Burnished Board is a lot more interesting and a lot more attractive to potential customers. A great craft business name is unique and will stand out. Start brainstorming ideas with this guided brainstorming plan.

Keep it short and sweet so it is easy to remember. While it might be tempting to name your business something like Linda’s Dainty Handmade Jewelry and Accessories, it is a mouthful, Dainty Designs is a better craft business name.

10 tips for choosing the perfect name for a craft business. What you need to do before finalizing your business name.

Check availability on Social Media. While social media may or may not be part of your plan when you are first starting out. It is better to reserve your names on multiple platforms now, rather than having to re-brand EVERYTHING down the road when you do decide to venture into this area.

Check domain availability. Similar to social media handles, you will want to be able to secure a good domain that is relevant to your brand and easy for customers to remember. The best option is if your craft business name is an available domain. In some cases, acronyms can also work if you plan to use your acronym in your branding. You can buy a domain and keep it registered under your name without having to put up a website.

Check TESS database. TESS standards for Trademark Electronic Search System. Trademark is the means by which a brand name is protected from being copied. Make sure your craft business name is not already trademarked by another brand. Start your TESS search here.

Check the Business Name Registry in your state. In order to legally conduct business, you must register with your state (yes, even if you are just attending craft shows). Your state will not allow two similar businesses to register using the same name so this step could be just as important as checking for a domain or social media handle.

Your name should have purpose. Think about how you can communicate your business purpose and core values in the name. Slogans and elevator pitches are great, but it is even better to embed purpose into your name. For example, I chose The Creative Hippo because the hippopotamus is a symbol of fierce maternal nurturing. I wanted this site to provide a nurturing ‘maternal’ guiding resource for crafters and creators with their own creative businesses.

Avoid overused words or phrases. Every single time that I attend a craft show, I shudder at the crafters who are using something super trendy like Unicorn Bows and Southern Grace Flowers. In reality, using something trendy will work for the short term, but will also have you re-branding is twelve months.

Be cautious of unique spellings. Uncommon spellings or hard to spell words – or even completely made up words can be used. But, they are much harder to pull off.

Be disruptive. One tactic that works is to choose something that is just a little bit out of left field because it grabs attention and forces the consumer to find about more about your business.

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