Welcome. I am Maris, the girl behind The Creative Hippo. I am a creative soul, and while I prefer to craft for fun, I have been turning my creativity into successful side hustles for fifteen years.

The Creative Hippo is my current creative outlet. I have always enjoyed writing, teaching and content creation so I honestly could not think of anything else that I wanted to do during this phase of my life.

Every piece of content, tool or resource created for The Creative Hippo or shared on this platform is intended to be curated for the creative mind. As a creative, I understand the particular vulnerability we all feel about our products and services. I want to educate and empower creative business owners to own your brand and rock your business!


The Creative Hippo is a pool of resources designed for the creative mind to help my fellow crafters, artisans and creatives launch and run successful businesses.

Business resources for creative entrepreneurs and handmade business owners

There is no shortage of business advice blogs on the interwebs. You could find any number of terrific blogs that are providing business resources and use them to run your creative business and they would work. But, for many creatives, it can be hard to see how that excel balance sheet template can be applied to your business. At The Creative Hippo, we add a splash of color to the black and white. We provide tools and resources that are specifically designed for creative minds running their own businesses.

The Story Behind the Name

I chose the name The Creative Hippo because the Hippopotamus is a maternal symbol of strength and [protective] aggression. I wanted to create a community-based resource for creative entrepreneurs that provides a nurturing environment to launch and grow creative businesses.

The Creative Hippo focuses on three pillars for building and fostering successful creative businesses.

  1. Understanding the psychology of creativity in an effort to better leverage typical personality traits for business success
  2. Developing tools and resources designed for the creative mind, intended to inspire creativity while working a creative business.
  3. Building a community of fellow creative entrepreneurs who can share tips, tricks and best practices in the industry.
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